Tortai Exciting spare time life: chasing basketball dreams, waving badminton enthusiasm

In order to increase the number of leisure activities for our employees, Tortai organises weekly badminton sessions on Tuesdays and basketball sessions on Thursdays. Tortai’s Basketball and Badminton activities are a great way to get fit, make new friends and enjoy teamwork.



Badminton is an excellent aerobic sport, which not only exercises the whole body muscles, but also improves the reaction ability and flexibility. In a relaxing atmosphere, we swung the racket together and enjoyed the happiness brought by the sport.


The Basketball Dream Team is a basketball-loving group. We gather in the gym every Thursday to sweat, challenge ourselves and enjoy the passion and joy that basketball brings. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, Tortai welcomes you to join us. Here you can find like-minded partners to pursue your basketball dreams together.


Whether it’s basketball or badminton, we uphold the principle of friendship first, competition second, focusing on participation and enjoyment of sports. Let employees exercise together, healthy and happy together!



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