Process Capability

Production and Inspection Capabilities

Tortai, not only provide PCBA one-stop service, but also provide customers with a variety of different materials, special processes, surface treatment of PCB circuit boards. Each piece of PCB adopts high quality raw materials and undergoes strict testing, each production link has QC special inspection, operator self-inspection, QA sampling product layers of control, factory products can be certified by UL, CE, MIN standards, ISO-9001, ISO 13485 :2016, IATF 16949 :2016, ISO 14001 :2015, the EU SGS lead-free product certification. The company has experienced professional process team and quality control system, can provide a variety of special process PCB boards, such as: impedance board special ink (matte ink, purple, etc.) blind buried holes in the ultra-long, ultra-thin plate countersunk holes in the OSP process of thick copper boards, bare copper boards of high-frequency and high-speed HDI and so on. At the same time, we are also able to meet the needs of customers in various fields by providing a wide range of materials: FR4, Teflon, ceramic, halogen-free, high TG, mixed-pressure, ultra-thin and ultra-thick plates. Refined production process, providing a variety of surface treatment processes, such as: OSP, lead-free tin spraying, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, electro-gold, etc. Tortai promises that the quality of all products meets the industry’s standards before they leave the factory.

Process Capability2


Working Procedure Item Batch Manufacturing Capability
























Printing Maximum PCB size can be processed 50*50 mm²—850*560mm²,Proofing limit 1500MM length new energy control board
Maximum Plate Quality 8kg
Actual printing accuracy ±25μm(6σ)
System Calibration Repetition Accuracy ±10μm(6σ)
Squeegee Pressure Detection Pressure Closed Loop Control System
SMD Processable Component Size range 01005  0.3*0.15 mm²~200*125 mm²
Maximum height of processable components 25.4mm
Maximum mass of processable components 100g
BGA/CSP Minimum Ball Pitch , Ball Diameter 0.30mm,0.15mm
SMT Accuracy ±22μm(3σ),±0.05°(3σ)
Range of Workpiece Sizes Regular 50*50mm², proofing limit 850*560 mm²
Plate thickness range 0.3mm–6mm
Maximum plate mass 6kg
Maximum number of material types that can be placed on the line 500 stations
Vacuum Reflow Soldering Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Welding Protection Nitrogen Protection (Residual Oxygen <3000ppm)
Minimum vacuum pressure 0.1Kpa
Nitrogen control Nitrogen Closed Loop Automatic Control System,±200ppm
Chip (IC) bubble void rate control Vacuum reflow <2%, conventional air/nitrogen ovens (25%)
SPI Detectable minimum pitch of solder balls 100μm
X-Y Axis Accuracy 0.5μm
Error Rate ≤0.1%
AOI Detecting the smallest components 01005‘
Detectable bad condition Wrong material, missing parts, reverse, mounting offset, stelae, side standing, open welding, tin, turn over
Bend detection 3D Inspection Function
First Article Inspection System FAI Intelligent First Article Inspection System High precision LCR bridge, basic measurement accuracy: 0.5%, test frequency: 50Hz-100kHz
3D X-Ray Magnifying Power Geometric magnification 2000; systematic magnification 12000
Rotation & Tilt Angle any ±45° + 360° rotation
Resolution 1μm /nm














Pre-Processing Automated component moulding technology Automatic component forming
Plug-in Plug-in Technology Automatic Insertion Machine
Wave Soldering Wave Soldering Types General wave soldering, selective wave soldering
Inclination of transport rails 4–7°
General wave soldering temperature accuracy ±3℃
Selective wave wave soldering stabilises accuracy ±0.06 mm
Crimping Technology Maximum size of crimped PCB 800*600mm²
Downward pressure height accuracy ±0.02mm
Pressure range 0-50KN
Pressure precision ± 2 per cent of standard value
Pressure Holding Time 0—9.999S
Three-proof coating technology Maximum processing plate size 500*475*6mm³ ,Proofing limit 1500MM length new energy control panel
Maximum mass of veneer 5kg
Minimum nozzle diameter 2mm
Other characteristics Spray pressure programme control
Precision Glue Filling Itinerary of work L700mm*W700mm
Height range 0~100mm
Motion Tolerance ±0.02mm
Proportion of glue 10:1-10:10
Glue viscosity range MAX≤20000
AB Glue Output Tolerance ±2%
ICT Test test level Component level testing to test hardware connection status
Number of test points >4096 points
Test content Contact test, open and short circuit test, resistance-capacitance test, secondary and tertiary FET test, unpowered hybrid test, boundary scan chain test, power-on hybrid mode test






Assembly and Testing

Product Series New Energy Industry Home energy storage, PV inverters, power management systems (PMS), battery management systems (BMS), energy storage converters (PCS), etc.
Security Industry Cameras, automatic access control, fire alarm systems, hazardous gas sensing devices, smoke alarms, explosion-proof instruments and equipment
Industrial Controls Industrial computers, automation aids, industrial robots, inverters, motor drives, motion controllers, all kinds of sensors
Communications Industry Network communication switches, routers, APs, optical communication modules, communication base station power supply, IoT modules, positioning systems, etc.
Medical Industry Oxygen generator, medical monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen meter, blood analyzer, ventilator, infusion pump, intelligent medical bed, light therapy machine, etc
Temperature cycling test Temperature Range -60℃–125℃
Temperature rise and fall rate >10℃/min
Temperature Deviation ≤2℃
Other reliability analysis tests Plating analysis, ultrasonic inspection, component opening + internal visual inspection, SEM observation, EDS, solderability test, acetone corrosion, electrical performance test, chip authenticity analysis, metallographic section (fixed or non-fixed point), plane grinding, cold and hot shock test, functional test, failure analysis, aging test, ROHS test, drop, vibration, salt spray, water immersion, key life and other tests.



Burning mode Online burning, offline burning, fully automatic batch burning
Chip Brands Imported (ST, Tl, NXP, RENESaAS, MICROCHIP, etc.), domestic (Zhaoyi, Xintang, Zhongying, Fudan Microelectronics, STC, Shanghai Beiling, etc.)



Fixture making

Designing customised test fixtures Product Load Test Fixture
Simulated product usage scenario testing
Boot up Self-Test
Upper computer test
Tommunications Test





Management tools/software

IMS Assisting warehouse, stock preparation team and production in material management
MES Manufacturing execution system, mainly used for production process control, ECN execution control, anti-defective control, data traceability, etc.
Oracle Purchasing process, cost, finance, work order planning, etc. management
ECN System ECN management system to avoid missed ECNs and respond quickly to engineering change projects
Labview Provide a graphical programming environment to enhance the data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and management capabilities of equipment and instruments in the manufacturing process, and at the same time, make the communication between terminal computers closer and facilitate the construction of the system.
IP-guard Application Control
Factory Certification Certification system ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO13485、IATF16949


Quality Standards

Manufacturing Standard IPC-A-630;Including Raw Material Procurement, Production Process, Process Control, Etc.
Test Standard IPC-TM-650;Including Functional Testing, Reliability Testing, Environmental Testing, Etc.
Assembly Standards IPC-A-610;Including Component Mounting, Soldering, Packaging, Etc.
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