Purchasing & Electronics Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Management

I. Tortai Control Process

Tortai has gained recognition from its high-end customers for its high reliability products, based on traditional production lines, consisting of project management, technology, quality, supply chain and production personnel, integrating Tortai’s customized solutions for small batch and multiple varieties. In the process of product design to mass production, customers can benefit from supplier’s early involvement, allowing customers to get real-time review from automatic quotation, from material warehousing, to workshop process, to final test results before shipment.

II. Material Requirement Planning

Tortai’s material planning is the most stringent link in its supply chain management process, from the initial purchase order to the final shipment, responding to the visibility of global supply and demand to respond to challenges, benefiting from Tortai’s strong supply chain capability, cost competitiveness and flexibility.

III. Procurement

We work closely with customers and suppliers, from fast response to product launch to ongoing production challenges, including life cycle end and part change notifications, all of which push the best efficiency of each demand procurement component step in the production process, create effective solutions and ensure product quality and reliability.

IV. Supplier Partnership Relations

Tortai adheres to the principle of “mutual benefit and common development”, understanding that all value creators need to maintain an open and continuous partnership with suppliers, including our entire team’s commitment to take proactive inventory management methods in response to supply and demand changes, transforming into solid actions that can help us move towards Made in China.

V. Counterfeit Component Mitigation Control Plan

Tortai implements strict quality control mechanisms, processes and standards to improve the reliability, performance and safety risks posed by counterfeit electronic components in the supply chain of aerospace, communication, security, new energy and medical fields. TorTai follows the best high reliability product quality, purchasing components from recognized suppliers to ensure their inspection, testing/evaluation and component traceability.

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