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Tortai Electronics relies on the principle of “efficiency”, “responsibility”, “win-win” and “integrity”, and closely cooperates with the original brand and hundreds of first-level agents. At the same time with the large electronic components spot suppliers Arrow Electronics, Avnet, DigiKey,Farnell Company, Future Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark, Samtec also has a long-term and stable cooperation. Strict IQC incoming material inspection, constant temperature and humidity and anti-static control measures of the warehouse management, in strict accordance with the “first in first out” material control mechanism, to provide customers with first-class BOM component selection services. Ensure that you can get the best quality service in the BOM component selection process, from research and development proofing to batch transformation.

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Quality Control

Our professional purchasing team conducts strict screening and classification of suppliers, and only selects brand distributors, channel dealers and agents for cooperation, in which the suppliers must be the original brand authorised agents to ensure the quality of electronic components. We will also order the products from the designated suppliers strictly according to the customer’s requirements, and keep the original packaging and labelling. If customers need, we can provide the relevant transaction documents with the spot suppliers to ensure the traceability of the products. We only work with reliable suppliers to ensure that the products we purchase meet our customers’ requirements and that we are able to provide high quality electronic components to meet their needs.

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Tortai has a dedicated IQC to confirm and check the quality of incoming raw materials, components or products. When suppliers send raw materials or components, we inspect the products by sampling or full inspection, and make judgement based on the inspection results to decide whether to accept or return the batch of products. In addition, we are equipped with professional testing equipment for electronic components and carry out acceptance inspection in strict accordance with relevant technical documentation standards and material operation instructions to ensure the quality of materials entering the production line. We are committed to ensuring that the materials purchased from our suppliers meet the quality standards required by our customers to ensure the quality and reliability of the final products.


Warehouse Management

Whether the electronic components are supplied by customers or purchased by us, they are stored in clean, ventilated warehouses with no corrosive gases. The temperature of the warehouse is controlled at 23~26℃, and the relative humidity is also controlled at 45%~75%. Vacuum packaging is carried out for PCB, IC, etc., to avoid oxidation of copper foils and pins directly exposed in the air. For electronic components with anti-static requirements (eg: MOS field effect transistors, gallium arsenide field effect transistors, CMOS circuits, IC, BGA, etc.) we will be loaded into the anti-static bag, anti-static dry box, anti-static crate storage, etc., for the special requirements of the material according to the requirements of the storage of storage, such as: solder paste, flux paste, glue class. The warehouse has a strict material control system and ERP system, in accordance with the principle of first-in-first-out, to prevent materials without expiry.

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Why Choose Tortai


technical support
Rich Experience

Our professional procurement team has more than 8 years of experience in electronic component procurement and has served hundreds of industry customers. We know the electronic components market well and have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry, which enables us to provide customers with efficient and reliable procurement solutions. We have established a solid relationship with many suppliers to provide customers with diversified product choices and ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

Technical Support

Our team of professional electronic engineers will accurately match more alternative or different brands of products based on the BOM provided by the customer to optimise procurement accessibility. At the same time, we are able to identify new applicable materials and discontinued materials in a timely manner, so as to reduce the procurement risk of customers. Through our services, customers can shorten product delivery time and improve production efficiency. We provide customers with comprehensive procurement support to help them reduce procurement costs and improve procurement efficiency.

reduce costs after-sale service
Cost Reduction

Tortai has the flexibility to purchase according to the order quantity specified by the customer to ensure the best price. In addition, we centralise the purchasing of electronic components that are common to all our customers’ needs in order to save time, effort and cost. Through centralised purchasing, we are able to offer our customers more competitive prices and are better able to meet their needs. We provide customers with efficient and flexible procurement solutions to help customers reduce costs and improve procurement efficiency, thus achieving a win-win situation.

After-Sales Service

1、We guarantee that the materials purchased are purchased in accordance with the requirements of customers, and guarantee the original genuine products.

2、We guarantee that the products we produce will be repaired free of charge if there are quality problems.

3、All co-operating customers enjoy the right to free answers to relevant technical questions and get free quotations for life.


By Choosing Our Services, You Reduce The Procurement Risk, Shorten The Product Delivery Time, And Provide a Solid Guarantee For Your Products to Successfully Enter The Market.


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