Tortai offers pre- and post-production DFM and DFA manufacturability checks through a one-stop shop for electronics assembly. The goal of these checks is to perform a thorough review of the design documentation prior to production in order to identify and resolve issues or potential problems that may arise during PCB manufacturing and assembly. In this way, we can improve the quality of our customers’ designs, thereby avoiding PCB, material and soldering costs due to design errors, while improving the manufacturability and assemblability of the product. After production, we suggest specific changes to address design issues and defects during production to avoid volume losses during subsequent production runs. In this way, we can assist our customers in making the transition from prototype to volume production, and Tortai is committed to providing our customers with highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services that help them improve product quality, productivity, and reduce costs.


With DFM (Design for Manufacturing), or Design for Manufacturing, and DFA (Design for Assembly), or Design for Assembly, our professional engineers are able to identify potential manufacturing and assembly problems in a timely manner through DFM/DFA inspections of the design files, avoiding the need for these problems to be carried over to the production stage. Unreasonable PCB design, wrong device selection, etc. may bring about an increase in product cost and a decrease in overall product quality in the later stages. Before the product is put into production, we help you to improve the quality of the design, reduce unnecessary losses, and bring your product a higher cost-effective. Our team of engineers has a wealth of experience and expertise to provide you with professional DFM/DFA inspection services to ensure that your product manufacturing and assembly processes run smoothly, helping you to reduce costs and improve the overall quality of your products.


DFM/DFA inspection is one of our company’s speciality services, which occurs in the first stage of product production, mainly covering all aspects of PCB and PCBA. DFM mainly focuses on eliminating factors in the PCB design that may affect manufacturing to ensure smooth production. DFA, on the other hand, focuses on potential assembly errors to eliminate them. Through this service, our team of engineers can provide you with better price/performance ratio and quality for your products, as well as lower production costs. Our DFM/DFA inspection not only eliminates design errors, but also ensures high reliable quality and performance of your products, providing a strong guarantee of a smooth introduction to the market.

DFM/DFA Inspection Main Content

  1. Whether the documents required for manufacturing and assembly are complete, missing or contradictory
  2. Whether there are PCB design abnormalities
  3. Whether the design is in line with the PCB process capabilities
  4. BOM and coordinate file checking and cross-checking
  5. device and pad design match
  6. device pitch check, device interference
  7. device polarity or orientation indication
  8. Any other content affecting manufacturing, assembly, etc.

DFM/DFA Design Problems Case Showcase


Component and package size mismatch Intercomponent interference Hole design is on the small side LED non-polarity display
Component and Package Size Mismatch Intercomponent Interference Hole Design is on The Small Side LED Non-Polarity Display
Inconsistency between two drawing requirements in Gerber Gerber hole and line spacing is too small, beyond the processing capacity The board needs to be designed with text on the pads, in order to avoid the word printed on the pads, remove the word BGA through-hole design has an open window, there is a risk of short-circuiting even tin, it is recommended to open the window plug hole.
Inconsistency Between Two Drawing Requirements in Gerber Gerber Hole and Line Spacing is too Small, Beyond The Processing Capacity The Board Needs to Be Designed With Text on The Pads, in Order to Avoid The Word Printed on The Pads, Remove The Word BGA Through-Hole Design Has an Open Window, There is a Risk of Short-Circuiting Even Tin, it is Recommended to Open The Window Plug Hole.


By Choosing Our Service, You Will Get an Efficient And Accurate DFM/DFA Inspection Report, Which Will Provide a Solid Guarantee For The Success of Your Products to The Market.



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