Fixture making(1)

The use of the fixture: The reason why the fixture is created is because of commercial needs, the main purpose is to repeat a part of the reproduction for repeatability and accuracy.

TORTAI PCB assembly fixture

Fixtures for the assembly of various parts, precision adjustment devices that can adjust the size distance of assembly, etc.

SMT furnace fixture

SMT fixture support can meet the dense layout of PCB board (PCB assembly), and the peripheral of the component position plays a supporting role.


TORTAI FPC flexible board magnetic patch fixture

The hole positioning data of the FPC is retrieved from the CAD file that needs to be formulated to make a high-precision FPC positioning template and a dedicated carrier board.

TORTAI FPC flexible board magnetic patch fixture

DIP assisted welding fixture

DIP fixture is a tool to assist plug-in soldering, which can improve the efficiency and quality of plug-in soldering, so as to realize batch processing of circuit boards. It is generally used in wave soldering production lines, and some people are also used in hand tin furnaces.


Protective coating spraying protective fixture

The customization of the fixture needs to be designed and made according to the specific situation of the circuit board, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the circuit.


Manual soldering auxiliary fixture

Suitable for manual spot welding assistance.


Fixture customization

Various fixtures can be customized according to your requirements.

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