Reliability Testing in Electronics Manufacturing

Tortai has been committed to providing electronic manufacturing services to customers in the areas of communications, security, transportation equipment, energy and power, medical and other industries where products have higher requirements for reliability. Tortai can evaluate and test the reliability requirements of customers’ products.

What is Reliability?

The ability of a product to perform a specified function within a specified time and under specified conditions.

Prescribed time: generally refers to the longevity of the unit.

Specified conditions: thermal, mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, electrochemical, etc.

Specified functions: technical, performance indicators.

Specific Reliability Tests Include:

• Environmental test is to assess the adaptability of products under various environmental conditions (vibration, shock, centrifugation, temperature, thermal shock, hot flash, salt spray, low pressure, etc.), and is one of the important test methods to evaluate product reliability.

• Life test is a method to study the life characteristics of products. This method can be carried out in the laboratory by simulating various service conditions.

• Screening test is a non-destructive test that conducts a complete inspection of the product.

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