Have Own Factory

Own PCBA factory, 16 years of production experience, advanced and complete equipment.


Quality Assurance (QA)

Make use of automatic testing, testing equipment, such as AOI optical inspection, FAI first piece inspection, X-ray inspection, ICT test, DIP plug-in AOI test, aging test, PCBA function test, program burning, electrical performance test, FCT function test and other equipment.


Accept Small-lot Production

We support prototyping and small-lot PCB production and assembly business.


Full Process PCBA Processing Services

Supplier of Electronic Protection Solutions and Components


Tortai Full Process PCBA Processing Services

PCB Manufacturing+Electronic Component Sourcing+SMT Mounter+DIP Insertion Soldering+PCBA Testing+Three-Proof Paint Spraying+Electronic Potting Adhesive+Low-Voltage Overmoulding Injection Moulding+Finished Product Assembling

Yamaha automatic placement machine, placement 1000 million points / day

6 SMT placement lines, 2 DIP insertion lines, 1 three-proof paint spraying line, 1 glue filling line, 2 finished product assembly lines,

Support expedited sampling



Tortai Provides BOM Order Procurement Service.

Has a group of practitioners more than 10 years of components procurement team, and hundreds of global source factories and general agents to reach a strategic cooperation, to ensure that the original genuine goods, bulk shipments, artificial and accurate quotations, the original factory and the agent into the goods.

Support BOM single “one-stop” procurement services, to solve your multi-point purchasing troubles to support a variety of small batch components supply services, to solve your prototype trial production, new product development, project orders additional emergency replenishment problems.

100% original and genuine products

Have a certain price advantage

Electronic Component Sourcing


6 Types of PCBA Processing Services


Rigid PCB10 Flexible Single-Sided12 Multilayer soft and hard bonded board
Rigid PCB Flexible PCB Rigid-Flex PCB
DIP plug-in welding service Three-proof paint spraying service Electronic Potting Service
DIP Plug-in Welding Service Three-Proof Paint Spraying Service Electronic Potting Service

Assembling Capabilities


Item Capability
Quality Standard ▪ IPC-A-610
Assembly Technology ▪ SMT Stencil  ▪ SMT   ▪ DIP  ▪ Conformal Coating
Enterprise Certification ▪ ISO9001   ▪ IATF16949   ▪ ISO13485  ▪ ISO14001
Product Certification ▪ UL   ▪ RoHS   ▪ SGS   ▪ REACH
SMD Capability ▪ Minimum size:01005    ▪ BGA0.2mm, QFN, CSP, CON

▪ Maximum PCB:510*460mm

Value-added features

▪ Component procurement ▪ NPI Report  ▪ PCBA Prototype

▪ IC Programming  ▪ Repair

Testing process

▪ AOI  ▪ X-ray  ▪ SPI  ▪ FAI  ▪ FCT  ▪ ICT  ▪ Aging test

 ▪ QC Manual detection

Damp-proof process ▪ Conformal Coating ▪ Nanocoating  ▪ Low-pressure injection molding  ▪ Glue feed
Order capability ▪ ​Proofing (Minimum order for one piece)

Complete Quality Certification System

ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, IATF16949:2016, ISO14001:2015, UL, SGS, RoHS.

Quality and service are the fundamental reasons why medium and large customers have been choosing us for a long time.



Order Process




Why Choose Tortai!


Energy pcb assembly4 AI、IoT3

Providing DFM Reports

Tortai provides DFM reports prior to prototyping, which can help customers avoid glaring errors and reduce NPI time. We help our customers to functionally test their products to ensure the quality of their products by providing test reports on soldering reliability, soldering process and product reliability.

Industry Experience

We have extensive experience in the automotive, medical, energy, security, communications, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, providing customers with DFM, DFA, DFT design optimisation and electronic component selection analysis. Ensure your products are manufactured accurately and efficiently.

Medical pcb assembly manufacturing2 Medical pcb assembly manufacturing6

Project Follow-up

Project engineers follow up the whole project of the customer’s current batch of production.

Before production: double-check the information.

During production: Sampling of the products in production to ensure compliance with the requirements of the production data.

After production: technical support engineers to provide relevant technical support answers, and follow up the logistics and transport status, to ensure that the product reaches the hands of customers.

Supply Chain

Co-operate with international famous component channelers and original factories, guarantee the quality from the source, and effectively reduce the quality problems caused by customer supplied materials. Customised ERP material management system, component quality can be traced. Supply chain team and IQC team have more than 10 years of industry experience, strict quality control.

communications3 Energy pcb assembly 8

Fast Response

Tortai is a small to medium sized business with no cumbersome processes or multiple levels of management, and is able to respond quickly and effectively to customer concerns, questions, production status, suggestions, etc. We support prototyping, small to medium volume PCB production, and assembly. We support prototyping and small to medium volume PCB production and assembly.

Signed Confidentiality Agreements

Tortai maintains the highest standards of confidentiality by signing confidentiality agreements with our clients, and all document output must be approved to ensure 100% document non-disclosure.

What is the difference between electronic contract manufacturing services and OEM?

A: An OEM contractor is an outsourcing company that manages the creation of equipment that cannot be manufactured by a rental company. OEM contract services exist in almost every industry and allow major manufacturers to expand their product or service lines with minimal additional expense.

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