PCB test fixture

PCBA test frame: is connected to the pad or test point on the PCB board through the metal probe, and obtains the voltage value, current value and other typical values of the test circuit when the PCB board is powered on, so as to observe whether the test circuit is normal through the current, voltmeter or equipment.

TORTAI FCT test fixture

FCT test is to embed the assembled PCBA as a functional body, embedded in the target test product we built, and test whether all the functions and electrical indicators of the whole machine meet the requirements.

FCT test fixture

TORTAI ICT test fixture

TORTAI ICT test, that is, automatic online test instrument, also known as flying probe (probe and needle bed) tester.

ICT test fixture

Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test Fixture

Commonly known as high voltage test, by applying a voltage higher than its rated value to the equipment and maintaining a certain period of time to determine whether the insulation material and space distance of the equipment meet the requirements.

Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test Fixture

Functional simulation test fixture

Simulate the process of testing the aging of the product by various factors involved in the real use scenario, and carry out the corresponding conditions to increase the strength test. For example, through long-term power-on tests, to simulate customer use, input/output tests are carried out to ensure that the product meets market needs.

Functional simulation test fixture

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