New Product Introduction & Industrialisation

Economic globalisation is an unstoppable and irreversible historical process in today’s society, the division of labour and specialisation in society has become more obvious, and enterprises are faced with more and more opportunities and challenges, and seeking to “reduce costs, improve efficiency and expand the market” has been the eternal theme of most enterprises. More and more companies are looking for more standardised and professional NPI (New Product Introduction) management and services to shorten the time-to-market, extend the product life cycle and reduce the cost of new product development in order to introduce new products smoothly and capture the market.


Tortai, as a comprehensive electronics manufacturing services company, provides high quality services from R&D and design, manufacturability analysis, testing, pilot production, mass production, delivery and after-sales. During the R&D and design phase, Tortai’s NPI engineering team is involved in the process of material selection, manufacturing feasibility analysis, and designing test solutions to help customers optimise the product cost structure, reduce the defective rate and risk prediction, and ensure the quality and yield of mass production at a later stage.


New Product Manufacturing Collaboration System helps to sort out all the related process affairs, summarise and track the problems in the process of new product introduction, manage and record the handling process of these problems, and provide timely information to the project team members, so that they can make timely adjustments or arrangements for the project, improve the efficiency of the project team, and reduce the high cost of new product introduction due to the high cost of communication and exchanges during the process. We adhere to the customer-centred, results-oriented rapid response to customer needs, and continue to add value to customer projects, our goal is not to delay or defective products due to manufacturing or process defects in the pilot, mass production, delivery will not occur after the customer “complaints”. Ultimately, we will enhance the efficiency and quality of mass production, increase flexibility and shorten time-to-market, and achieve optimal utilisation of the supply chain and manufacturing system.


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