Quality Management

Quality management is the key to enterprise management, helping to ensure that the company continues to provide customers with stable services and products. Quality management has several core components, including quality planning, control, assurance, and improvement.

The Benefits of Quality Management:

• Ensure continuous improvement of products and services

• Improve customer satisfaction

• Increase market occupancy and reduce customer attrition

• Improve productivity inside the plant

• Reduce inventory and waste

• Ensure the company circulates and optimizes all processes

• Enhance a good reputation based on quality products and services

• Improve consistency of production operations

• Drive continuous improvement of the company

The Four Main Components of Quality Management:

• Quality planning

• Quality control

• Quality assurance

• Quality improvement

7 Principles of Quality Management:

• Customer-centric

• Leadership

• Full participation

• Process method

• Continuous improvement

• Making decisions based on evidence

• Relationship management

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