Offshore Wind Turbine PCBA Assembly Processing

Generally wind turbines are built on land, offshore wind turbines can be erected within the sea area of 25 kilometres from the coast. Even the high winds at sea can be utilised efficiently. One third of the length of the wind turbine is placed underwater to ensure that it can work stably in common sea winds. Even in bad stormy weather, the wind turbine automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the blades, thus stopping the work to prevent accidents. When the weather improves, the blades are automatically adjusted back to their normal state and work resumes. A single wind turbine can generate about 6 million watts of electricity, and nearly 65% of the time it is converting wind energy into electricity.Tortai Electronics has extensive experience in the assembly and manufacture of PCBA boards for offshore wind turbines and has long been providing PCBA boards for small and medium-sized customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and other small and medium-sized customers to provide one-stop manufacturing solutions.




Technical Parameters of Offshore Wind Turbine PCBA Assembly and Processing

Model: FD4-3kw

Rated power: 3000 (W)

Output voltage: 220 (V)

Wind wheel diameter: 4 (m)

Number of blades: 3

Rated wind speed: 10 (m/s)

Product certification: ce




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