Intelligent Massage Glasses PCBA Assembly Board

Intelligent massage glasses is through the eyes of the kneading pressure massage, rhythmic vibration massage to relax the eye muscles of the glasses, daily use can be effective in the prevention of glasses myopia, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, the elasticity of the skin under the eyes will have an improvement in the role of the intelligent massage glasses can also be used through the different massage to relax the eyeballs and muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, eliminate the soreness caused by overexertion of the eyes, swelling and pain, Tortai has rich experience in designing and manufacturing PCBA assembly boards for Smart Massage Glasses, providing one-stop manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized customers in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and other countries.


Intelligent Massage Glasses PCBA Assembly Board2


Technical parameters of PCBA assembly board for smart massage glasses

Model: PG-2404G

Parts: head; face; eyes

Control mode: computer type

Safety design: Yes

Fuse: Yes

Massage techniques: multi-function

Number of massage heads: more than 5

Physiotherapy function: infrared

Vibration mode: other

Gear Adjustment: Selectable

Circulation massage: automatic

Warm function: support

Timer function: support

Digital strong and weak display: support

Product features: LCD screen, music type

Power cord length (m): 1.8

Net weight(kg):0.6

Gross Weight(kg):0.95

Product size (mm): 205*89*25 (glasses) 144*65*43 (remote control)

Package size (mm): 245*250*101

Vibration frequency (Hz): 5-200

Rated power (W): 6


Tortai Electronics serves more than 16 customers from all regions of the world and receives their unanimous praise. We not only ensure their full range of quality services, but also provide customers with DFM manufacturability design solutions, which can reduce the total time and cost of product manufacturing, and also reduce the cost of product after-sales service.

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