Fire Drill – Preventing fire before it starts, building a firewall together

Fire drills are a must for everyone


When it comes to fire, a lot of people think it’s taboo to talk about it, thinking that disaster is far away from them. Some people even think, in case of fire, call 119 fire alarm to rescue is good.


However, once the fire spreads, many things can no longer be saved. Countless blood-soaked examples have proved that: if you do not do a good job of safety precautions, employees can not prevent the “fire”, the fire is likely to take advantage of the situation!


In order to create a good fire safety environment, enhance the staff’s fire safety awareness and the ability to combat emergencies, Tortai Electronics every year to the old and new employees on the basic knowledge of fire class, every year will seriously carry out fire drills.

fire drill1


Recently, Tortai Electronics especially conducted a fire drill for some areas in the factory, with the purpose of:

① Ensure that in case of an emergency (fire), employees can quickly evacuate to a safe place;

② Ensure that there is an emergency response team to take timely measures;

③ To check whether the alarm system in the company is in good working condition;

④ Evaluate the company’s emergency response capability.

fire drill2


Fire Drill

Arranging personnel on site randomly press the nearest fire alarm, the alarm rings.

The fire control room receives the alarm signal, and the volunteer fire brigade immediately goes out to extinguish and rescue the fire.

Covering the mouth and nose when escaping through thick smoke

After the alarm ringing, all personnel emergency evacuation and to the designated place to gather and roll call confirmation, to be all the personnel safety collection is complete, emergency commander Chen manager for everyone to carry out emergency general knowledge explanation and the fire drill review summary, announced the conclusion of the exercise: qualified!


Introduction of fire fighting equipment

In order to facilitate a better understanding of the plant’s fire prevention work, Xiao Cai briefly introduced the existing fire equipment and facilities, with dry powder fire extinguishers and hydrant use, come and watch!

fire drill3


Dry powder fire extinguisher:

Suitable for extinguishing oil, combustible gases, electrical equipment and other initial fires;


Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher:

Suitable for extinguishing the initial fire of precision instruments, electronic equipment and low-voltage appliances;

fire drill4


Manual alarm button:

Emergency alarm mode used after the fire, usually manually break the glass alarm, suitable for one-time alarm.

fire drill5


Smoke detector:

Automatic alarm when the smoke reaches a certain concentration, applicable to buildings, offices, restaurants and other places of fire alarm.


Temperature sensor:

Indoor temperature reaches 57 degrees can be alarmed. With two modes of differential temperature and fixed temperature, the alarm is accurate and reliable.

fire drill6



After the fire starts, when the room temperature reaches the set temperature (68 degrees), the sprinkler head will automatically dispense water to extinguish the fire.


How to use the dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Shake the bottle several times before use to loosen the dry powder inside the cylinder.
  • Remove the seal
  • Pull out the safety pin
  • Hold the nozzle with your left hand
  • Hold the pressure handle with your right hand
  • At a distance of about two metres from the flame, press down the handle with your right hand, swing the nozzle with your left hand, and spray dry powder to cover the burning area until the fire is completely extinguished.


How to use fire hydrant
  • The hydrant is operated by two persons.
  • Open the door of the box.
  • Take out the water gun, pull out the water belt, and at the same time, connect one end of the water belt interface with the hydrant interface, the other end is connected to the water gun, straighten the water belt on the ground.
  • Unscrew the valve, hold the water gun firmly with both hands and spray water to extinguish the fire.


Escape Tips

Familiarise yourself with the environment and remember the exits

When you are in an unfamiliar environment, for their own safety, be sure to pay attention to the evacuation routes, safety exits and stairway directions, so that when it is critical to escape the scene as soon as possible. Remember: when you are safe and sound, you must think of danger and reserve a path for yourself.

fire drill7


Passageway exit, unobstructed

Stairs, passages, safety exits, etc. are the most important escape routes in case of fire, and should be guaranteed to be unobstructed, and should not be piled up with sundry objects or set up gates and locks, so that they can be passed safely and quickly in case of emergency.

fire drill8


Extinguish small fires to benefit others

When a fire occurs, if you find that the fire is not large, has not yet caused a great threat to people, and there are enough firefighting equipment around, such as fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, etc., you should fight to control the small fire, extinguish it, and do not panic screaming and scurrying. Remember: fight for time, fight the “early fire”.

fire drill9


Keep calm and evacuate quickly

In case of a sudden fire, in the face of thick smoke and flames, first of all, keep yourself calm, quickly judge the dangerous and safe places, decide on a way to escape, and evacuate the dangerous place as soon as possible. Do not blindly follow the crowd and crowd each other and rush about. When evacuating, run towards a bright place or an open place outside. If the passage has been blocked by smoke and fire, you should leave with your back to the direction of the smoke and fire. Remember: One can only think out of the box if one is calm and collected.

fire drill9


Don’t enter dangerous places and don’t covet property

When you are in danger, you should evacuate as soon as possible and do not waste your escape time on searching for and removing valuables because you are concerned about them. Those who have already escaped from danger, do not return to the dangerous place and throw yourself into the net. Please remember: there is no fear of being burnt without wood when there is a green hill.

fire drill11


Simple protection, cover your nose and crawl

When escaping through a smoke-filled route, prevent smoke poisoning and asphyxiation. In order to prevent the fire smoke choking, you can use a towel, mask over the nose, creeping evacuation approach. Smoke is lighter than air and floats on the upper part, so evacuation close to the ground is the best way to avoid smoke inhalation. When going through a fire or smoke blockade, pour cold water on your body or wrap your head and body with a wet towel or quilt before going out. Remember: It’s better to have more protective tools at hand than bare hands.

fire drill12


Make good use of the channel, do not enter the lift

In the event of a fire, choose to enter the relatively safer stairway according to the situation. In addition to using the stairs, you can also use the building’s balcony, window sill, etc. to climb to a safe place around, along the downpipe, lightning rod lines and other building structures in the protruding objects slide downstairs. Please remember: When escaping, it is extremely dangerous to take the lift.


Evacuation place, solid waiting for help

Touch the door of the room has felt hot, then once the door is opened, flames and smoke are bound to come to your face. At this time, you can take to create a place of refuge, hold on and wait for help. First of all, you should close the doors and windows of the fire, open the doors and windows of the back of the fire, with a wet towel or wet cloth plugging the doorway, and then keep drenching the room with water to prevent the penetration of smoke and fire, and hold on to the room until the rescue workers arrive. Remember: A strong shield is not afraid of a sharp spear.


Slowly shake and gently toss for help

If you are surrounded by smoke and fire and are unable to escape, you should try to stay on the balcony, window and other places where you can be easily found and avoid the smoke and fire. In the daytime, you can shake the brightly coloured clothes out of the window, or throw light eye-catching things; in the evening, that is, you can use a torch to keep flashing in the window or knocking things, and in time to send an effective distress signal, to attract the attention of the rescuers. Remember: expose yourself fully in order to save yourself effectively!

When a fire breaks out, surrounded by smoke, gas and flames, many people are buried in the fire, while others escape from death. In the face of smoke and flames, there is a great possibility to save yourself and others if you are calm and resourceful in applying the knowledge of fire escape.


Thanks to the strong support of all departments, the drill was a complete success, consolidating the staff’s safety awareness and strengthening their ability to deal with emergencies.


Here, Tortai also calls on everyone to work without forgetting safety, enhance fire awareness, and once the fire is found, we should respond calmly and do a good job of safety precautions.


Fire prevention is more important than Mount Tai, safety awareness in mind!
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