Engineering in-House Training on Electrostatic Protection – Tortai

With the rapid progress of IT industry, especially the rapid development of defence electronics information technology and microelectronics, the adverse effects of static electricity on electronics and related industries are becoming more and more obvious, the protection of static electricity must be given sufficient attention. In order to better provide highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services.


Our ESD (electrostatic protection engineering) engineers regularly external training, and in the company’s internal regular organisation of various departments to learn the relevant content of the electronic industry electrostatic protection engineering.

Principle of electrostatic protection1


Training Content, Including The Following Points:

1、The basic concept of static electricity

2、Electrostatic problems in the electronics industry

3、The principle of electrostatic protection

4、Composition and technical requirements of anti-static work area

5、Anti-static process and quality management

6、Anti-static system inspection

7、ESD model and device, equipment electrostatic sensitivity test

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