Doubts gather strength, Draw a blueprint together – Tortai Group Building event was successfully held

In order to enhance team cohesion and improve teamwork ability, the company specially organised a unique reunion travel activity. In this activity, we had a rowing competition and African drum competition, during the competition to refine the tacit understanding between colleagues and the ability to work together. All the colleagues expressed their deep feelings. It was a meaningful and pleasant experience.


1.Rowing Race: Unity and Strength, Racing in Style

In the rowing competition, each team needs to work together and co-operate to complete the rowing task. During the race, we were all in high spirits, working closely together, and striving towards the finish line. In this process, we learnt to trust our teammates and understood the true meaning of unity is strength. Through the rowing competition, we also further deepened our understanding of team spirit and felt the warmth of the company’s family.


2.African Drum Competition: Teamwork, Drumming

In the African Drum Competition, each team had to learn and play a piece of African drum rhythm. In the process of rehearsal, we actively communicated, encouraged each other and solved problems together. During the competition, each team demonstrated the team’s vigour and cohesion with their exciting drumming. Through the African Drumming Competition, we learnt to communicate and collaborate with others better and felt the joy of team success.


Teamwork and progress together

During the rowing competition and the African Drum Competition, we deeply experienced the importance of teamwork. A team needs every member to give play to their own advantages, support each other and form a synergy. Only in this way can we work together to overcome difficulties and achieve success.


Good communication is the cornerstone of success

In group building travel activities, communication and collaboration are the key to the success of the game. At work, we also need to maintain good communication and trust our colleagues and leaders in order to better complete the task and achieve the company’s goals.


Combine work and rest to maintain a good working condition

The group building and travelling activity allows us to take a break from our busy work and relax our body and mind. This activity reminds us that to maintain a good working condition, we need to combine work and rest, and reasonably arrange work and rest.


All in all, this group travel activity not only let us experience the fun of rowing competition and African drum competition, but also let us learn a lot of valuable experience. I believe that in the future work or life, we will continue to work hard to make progress with colleagues and contribute to the development of the company.

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