Collaboration Between Global Electronics Distribution Companies And Small And Medium Volume Manufacturing EMS Electronics Manufacturers

Brief Introduction

TORTAI Technologies founded in 2007, we are a highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturer with 17 years of expertise in the industrial field, and we are able to provide global enterprises with the whole industry chain and accept small and medium batch orders of EMS electronic manufacturing service providers.

Nowadays, why do global electronic product sales companies need more and more EMS electronic manufacturers who can take small and medium orders?




The answer is as follows:

1, because EMS manufacturers can meet the individual needs of enterprises, reduce inventory pressure and risk, enhance the competitiveness and flexibility of enterprises.

2、in the early stages of product development or to fulfill orders for specific customers, companies often need to respond quickly to customer needs and produce products that meet customer requirements. EMS electronics manufacturers that can handle small and medium volume orders have flexible production capacity and customization expertise to meet the individual needs of enterprises, which is conducive to the establishment of long-term relationships with customers.

3、Because it improves capital utilization and operational efficiency. Large-scale production often requires a large amount of inventory reserves, while the production of small and medium-sized orders is more flexible, and production plans can be adjusted according to the actual demand, thus reducing the pressure on inventory and lowering the risk.

4、EMS electronics manufacturers capable of handling small and medium-lot orders can provide fast production cycles and high-quality products, helping global electronics companies to quickly launch new products and rapidly enhance competitiveness.



What are the advantages of working with an EMS company that can provide manufacturing services for small and medium volume orders?
1、Express, flexible and reliable production capacity

A、Rapid Capacity Adjustment

Demand for small to medium volume orders is often highly flexible and variable. EMS manufacturers capable of handling small and medium volume orders have the ability to quickly adjust their production capacity, enabling them to rapidly scale up production in response to changes in order volume.

B、Flexible Manpower Allocation

Small and medium volume orders require relatively little labor in the production process compared to large volume orders. EMS manufacturers capable of handling small and medium volume orders can flexibly allocate manpower according to the actual order volume to avoid excess or shortage of manpower costs.


2、Control and Efficiency

A、Fixed cost savings; large volume orders usually require significant fixed cost investments such as equipment, warehousing and labor. In contrast, the demands of small and medium volume orders involve less fixed cost investment. Choosing an EMS manufacturer that is capable of handling small to medium volume orders can result in fixed cost savings, reducing operational risk and financial stress for your organization.

B、Optimal capacity utilization; small and medium volume orders are characterized by small and frequently changing order sizes. If an E&T company produces these orders in-house, it will be challenging to fully utilize the capacity. However, EMS manufacturers with the capacity to handle small and medium volume orders can utilize centralized resources and capabilities to fully utilize equipment, manpower, materials, and other resources, thereby improving productivity and profitability.




3、Resource integration and supply chain management

A、Establishment of Stable Supply Chain Partnerships EMS manufacturers that are able to handle small and medium-volume orders generally have established stable partnerships with multiple suppliers and have a strong supply chain management system. In this way, electronic technology enterprises can make full use of the supply chain resources of EMS manufacturers, save the time and cost of searching for suppliers, and ensure the stability of the supply of raw materials and components.


B、Provide Total Solutions In addition to manufacturing capabilities, EMS manufacturers capable of handling small to medium volume orders can provide a range of total solutions, including engineering, raw material sourcing, production, quality control, packaging and logistics. By choosing an EMS manufacturer capable of handling small to medium volume orders, electronics technology companies can focus more on product development and market expansion, increasing competitiveness and market share.




In summary, it is clear that global electronics companies are making a wise decision by choosing an EMS manufacturer that is capable of handling small to medium volume orders. This choice can help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase competitiveness and better meet market demands.

TORTAI Technologies focuses on new energy, medical, transportation, security, industrial control, communications, instrumentation and other industrial areas, our customers are mainly concentrated in Europe, North America, has more than 40 countries in 300 different industries in the industrial sector to provide high-reliability electronic assembly manufacturing services, can provide customers with small and medium-volume processing orders, and can provide ODM/OEM We can also provide ODM/OEM manufacturing services.

If you have any electronic product needs, please contact us, we will be the first time to serve you.
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