Tortai 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair concluded successfully!


Tortai presented a unique and exciting performance at the Munchen Shanghai Electronics Show at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition gathered domestic and foreign high-quality electronic enterprises to create a professional display platform, across the industry upstream and downstream, from product design to application landing. The company closely follows the industry focus and integrates into new display areas according to the real-time hot spots of the industry, covering many technical topics, such as new energy vehicles, smart cars, green energy, smart factories, Internet of Things , smart wearable, industrial Internet, wireless communications, data centers and smart homes. This initiative has attracted the attention of many visitors. Held from July 11 to 13, 2023, the exhibition showcases the company’s highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services.


Tortai is a company focused on providing high reliability electronic assembly manufacturing services. At this exhibition, the company presented our PCBA manufacturing services to customers and attracted the attention of many visitors.


The Munich Shanghai Electronics Show provides an opportunity for service providers and manufacturers from all over the world to discuss connectivity. The electronic assembly manufacturing services presented by Tortai at the exhibition not only meet the high reliability requirements of medical, transportation, energy, communications, AI intelligence, security components, but also are well suited to the local and international markets. Customers have shown great interest in the electronic assembly manufacturing services presented by Tortai and have asked for product descriptions in order to better understand Tortai’s manufacturing processes and technologies.


“We are honored to participate in this high-profile exhibition and showcase our electronic assembly manufacturing services to our customers,” said Tortai CEO, “We have always been committed to providing high quality, high reliability electronic assembly manufacturing services through continuous innovation and investment in the most advanced technology.” This exhibition provides a great opportunity to find new business and partners and we look forward to further success with this exhibition.”


Tortai’s successful exhibition proves that the company’s technology and service quality in the field of electronic assembly manufacturing are highly appreciated by the market. The company will continue to maintain the trend of advanced technology, committed to innovation, and meet the needs of customers, to provide highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services for future business development.

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