Signal failure led to the June 3 train collision in India, on the importance of high reliability

(Balasore) – India’s worst train derailment collision of the century was the result of a signal failure, according to a preliminary investigation by the railroad company. The accident killed at least 288 people and injured nearly 1,000 others.


Anand, public relations director of the Indian South Eastern Railway, said Saturday (June 3) that a train full of passengers from Kolkata (Kolkata) to Chennai (Chennai) Coromandel Express (Coromandel Express) was supposed to travel on the main line, but the signal instructed it to go into the loop line, and the loop line tracks were already parked on a freight train, passenger The train therefore hit the freight train.

According to the Indian National Railways, it carries an average of 13 million passengers a day. India’s rail facilities are old and safety measures are inadequate, so the accident rate is high.

The powerful impact caused multiple carriages of the passenger train to derail and topple over, falling on both sides of the track, causing another passenger Howrah Express (Howrah Superfast Express) from Bangalore to West Bengal Howrah to derail as well.

The passenger train was traveling at 130 kilometers per hour and the death toll is expected to rise.

The above news source: India train collision investigation: signal failure caused by | United Morning Post (

As modern trains become electromechanically integrated, there are fewer and fewer things that can be intervened by humans, and the reliance on automatic control systems is very high:

1、Signal system: It is used to control the direction, speed and stop of the train to ensure safe operation.

2、Train automatic control system: automatically control the speed and running direction of the train.

3、Train protection system: automatically stop or slow down the train in case of emergency to protect passengers and train safety.

4、Train tracking control system: used to monitor the position and status of trains to guide train dispatchers to manage line usage and train planning.

The above description has clearly shown that we as a PCBA manufacturing service provider in this piece of business accounted for a very high proportion, but also the most basic and most important guarantee of the high reliability of the operation of the equipment.

As a PCBA manufacturing service provider with a strong sense of responsibility in the electronic assembly industry for 15 years, we deeply understand the importance of reliability in electronic manufacturing. We are careful to comply with the following points in our daily work to achieve:

Electronic manufacturing reliability includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:

1、design reliability: the design of electronic products should take into account the product’s use environment and service life to ensure that the product can maintain stable performance and functionality over its expected service life.

2、material reliability: the materials of electronic products should have sufficient strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance to ensure that the products do not suffer from material damage or aging during use.

3、manufacturing reliability: the manufacturing of electronic products should use advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to ensure that the quality and performance of the products meet the expected requirements.

4、Maintenance reliability: The maintenance and upkeep of electronic products should be given enough attention to ensure that the performance and functions of the products can continue to operate stably.

5、Environmental reliability: Electronic products should be able to adapt to various environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, etc., to ensure that the products can operate stably in different environments.

Electronic manufacturing reliability is a very important indicator, it is related to the quality and safety of electronic products. Electronic manufacturing companies must take a series of measures to ensure the reliability of their products, so as to avoid tragic accidents like the train collision in India.Finally, may the dead rest in peace and the tragedy be no more.

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