X-Ray Testing

X-Ray Testing is a non-destructive test method used to check the quality of soldering and assembly inside a PCBA. By using X-ray technology, details such as solder joints, pads, component locations and connectivity inside the PCBA can be viewed to detect possible defects and problems.

X-Ray Testing

1、Soldering quality inspection: Through X-ray images, it is possible to check whether solder joints are intact, whether pads are correctly connected to components, and whether there are any problems with soldering such as bubbles, cracks, or cold soldering.

2、Component position detection: Through X-ray image, we can check whether the components are correctly mounted on the PCBA, whether the position is accurate, and whether there is any problem of misalignment or offset.

3、Connected wire detection: Through X-ray images, we can check whether the wires on the PCBA are correctly connected, and whether there are problems such as short circuit, broken circuit or misalignment.

4、Hidden Defects Inspection: Through X-ray images, hidden defects inside the PCBA can be inspected, such as air bubbles, foreign objects, metal debris under the soldering points, and so on.

X-Ray Testing can help manufacturers find and solve problems in the PCBA manufacturing process in time and improve product quality and reliability. It is widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry, especially for high-density and complex PCBA inspection, which can provide more comprehensive and accurate inspection results. Such as aerospace, communications, medical devices and automotive electronics. It can provide fast, accurate and reliable inspection results to help ensure the quality and reliability of PCBA.

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