Tortai’s 3rd Quarter Birthday Party

On an ordinary day, we welcomed a special moment – Tortai‘s third quarter birthday party. It was also a time for all the company’s partners to get together and celebrate the birthdays of the birthday boys and girls and send their best wishes. In the Tortai family, every employee is cared for and valued by the company.


We divide the year into four quarters and each quarter we organise a birthday party for our employees. It is a special time for the Tortai family to celebrate, share and laugh together. On this special day, we hope that every partner will have an unforgettable experience and happy moments!


The birthday cake not only represents the ritual of birthday, but also a thoughtful gift. We hope every partner can feel the company’s sweet blessings and deep care. With the birthday song, we make a wish and the candles go out, which means the passing of another spring, summer, autumn and winter. At the same time, we can also feel everyone’s give and take, which is the epitome of Tortai Home, and also the witness of our growth and progress. The company will not forget everyone’s hard work and efforts in their respective positions.


This birthday party is not only a birthday celebration, but also a moment to show the company’s values and philosophy. Let us be grateful in this big family, cherish every day, and meet the future challenges and opportunities together.


In this party, we have laughter, touching, surprise and harvest. It was a wonderful gathering and a precious memory. We look forward to more laughter and common growth every day in the future, let’s work happily and live happily together in the warmth of Tortai House.


Tortai, let’s create a better future together!

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