The Importance of Quality to the Electronics Industry–Congratulations to Mr Cao for obtaining the CIS certificate!

Recently, Cao Gong of our Quality Department has passed the systematic training and study, and successfully obtained the CIS certificate issued by IPC. This good news is not only a personal achievement for Cao Gong, but also a return on the company’s huge investment in talent development and industry knowledge learning. Only by constantly learning and improving their professional ability, in order to be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. We believe that the CIS certificate obtained by Cao Gong will bring him more opportunities and challenges in his work, and will also inject new impetus into the development of the company. The acquisition of this certificate not only proves that Cao Gong has solid professional knowledge in related fields, but also improves his efficiency and quality in work, providing strong support for the competitiveness of the company.


Tortai is a company focused on providing high reliability electronic assembly manufacturing services and understands the importance of talent to the development of enterprises. Therefore, Tortai has always been committed to providing excellent learning and development opportunities for its employees. Through continuous investment of funds and resources, employees are actively encouraged to participate in various training courses to continuously upgrade their professional skills and knowledge. Such investment is not only for the personal growth of employees, but also a huge return for the company in terms of talent training and industry knowledge learning.

IPC (International Association of Electronic Industry Connections) is a global non-profit electronics industry association. It consists of more than 5,000 companies covering the use, specification and design of printed circuit boards and components. IPC’s membership includes advanced microelectronics, military applications, aerospace, the automotive industry, computers, industrial and medical equipment, telecommunications, and more. As the global Electronics Industry Association, IPC is the authoritative organization for the electronics manufacturing industry, and its certificates are widely recognized and accepted. The CIS certificate is an important certificate in the IPC training system, which is suitable for individuals who have the ability to use or apply specific IPC standards, including production、inspection personnel and design、manufacturing、process、quality technicians. Obtaining the CIS certificate can not only prove that Cao Gong has solid professional knowledge in related fields, but also improve his efficiency and quality in work, and further promote the development of the company.

In the future, Tortai will adhere to the concept of talent training and learning, and provide more learning opportunities and development space for employees. Tortai believes that only by continuously improving the professional quality and knowledge of its employees can it better meet the needs of its customers and promote the sustainable development of the company. Through training and learning, we will strive to improve the ability and competitiveness of employees and inject new impetus into the development of the company.

IPC related information:

IPC standards are widely adopted by the industry around the world to help manufacturers improve product quality, reliability, consistency, more standardized product production processes, lower scrap rates, and thus reduce costs. It also promotes better communication between manufacturing and quality departments, design, process, operation and inspection departments, as well as upstream and downstream of the industry.

IPC Standard Overview

IPC standards are widely adopted by the industry worldwide, with more than 300 IPC standards and guidelines covering all aspects of electronics manufacturing to help manufacturers improve product quality, reliability and consistency. Make the product production process more standardized, lower scrap rate, thereby reducing costs; Improve communication between manufacturing, quality and other departments, between design, process, operation and inspection personnel, and even between upstream and downstream of the industry.

More than 5,000 expert volunteers from more than 70 countries around the world participated in the development (about 500 active expert volunteers in China);


▪ Provide universally accepted standards and languages for the entire supply chain;

▪ The most relevant IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001 standards have been translated into nearly 20 languages and are used in nearly 70 countries.

▪ Covers electronic product design, materials, PCB manufacturing, assembly, testing, acceptance and other links;

▪ Improve product design manufacturability and quality reliability;

▪ Improve production efficiency, control costs, reduce rework and waste;

▪ Improve environmental health and safety (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to ensure compliance.


IPC Training and Certification Program Overview

IPC certification programs are designed to promote professional development and recognize individuals who demonstrate a corresponding level of competence in a specific standard. IPC certification is a globally recognized international standard certification for the electronics manufacturing industry. All IPC certification programs shall be conducted in accordance with IPC Certification Policies and Procedures. About 100,000 professionals worldwide earn IPC certification each year.

Choose the right IPC certification level for you and your company

What certification level do you want to achieve? IPC China currently offers two levels of IPC standard certification for individuals working in the electronics industry. Depending on your experience in the industry, you can become certified as an IPC Certified Trainer (CIT) or IPC Certified Specialist (CIS).

Choosing the right certification level is important. Once certified, individuals can provide your company with a keen insight into IPC standards and how they are applied in manufacturing. This certification provides industry recognition not only for yourself but also for your company.

Level of accreditation

Certified Name

Scope of application





IPC Specialist

IPC Certification Specialist

Individuals with the ability to use or apply specific IPC standards
Applicable to production, inspection and other personnel and design, manufacturing, process, quality and other technical personnel
Standards-based CIS training is modularised
Certification expiry dates established by mandatory modules will apply to all optional modules



IPC Trainer

IPC Certified Trainer

Individuals with the ability to train specific course CIS
For in-house trainers and technicians in design, manufacturing, process, quality, etc. in electronics companies
CIT for a project can only conduct CIS training and certification for that project.
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