Reap the Joy – The 17th International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition Review

Tortai made an exciting appearance at the International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition at the Suzhou International Expo Centre, attracting many visitors. The exhibition, which took place from 1 – 3 June 2023, showcased our company’s highly reliable medical electronics assembly manufacturing services.

International Medical Device Design2

Tortai is a company that specialises in providing highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services. At the exhibition, the company presented our PCBA section to customers and attracted the attention of many visitors.

International Medical Device Design1

The International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition provided an opportunity for hospitals, medical institutions, medical device integration service providers and manufacturers from all over China to discuss connected medical technologies. the electronic assembly manufacturing services Tortai showcased at the exhibition not only met the high reliability requirements of modern medical components, but were also well suited to the local and international markets. Customers showed great interest in Tortai’s electronics assembly manufacturing services on display and requested product presentations to gain a better understanding of Tortai’s manufacturing processes and technologies.

International Medical Device Design3

“We are proud to participate in this highly anticipated exhibition and to showcase our electronics assembly manufacturing services to our customers,” said Tortai’s Chief Executive Officer, “We are committed to providing high quality and reliable electronics assembly manufacturing services through continuous innovation and investment in state-of-the-art technology. Manufacturing services. This exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to find new business and partners and we look forward to further success at this exhibition.”

International Medical Device Design4

Tortai’s successful showcase at this exhibition proves that the company’s technology and quality of service in the field of electronics assembly manufacturing is highly sought after by the market. We will continue to maintain our trend of advanced technology, our commitment to innovation and to meeting the needs of our customers to guarantee highly reliable electronic assembly manufacturing services for future business development.

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