PCBA Aging Test

PCBA Aging Test is the process of evaluating and verifying the reliability of PCBAs under prolonged use and environmental changes. It aims to simulate the aging of PCBA in actual use to determine whether it can maintain stable and reliable performance in long-term operation.

Aging Test

1、Designing the aging test programme: According to the design specifications of the PCBA and the environment in which it is to be used, the parameters and conditions of the aging test are determined. This includes aging time, temperature, humidity, voltage and so on. You can refer to relevant industry standards or empirical data for design.

2、Set up aging test equipment: Prepare equipment suitable for aging test, such as aging box, constant temperature and humidity box, power supply regulator and so on. According to the test programme to set the parameters of the equipment, such as temperature, humidity, voltage and so on.

3、Place the PCBA in the aging test equipment: Place the PCBA in the aging test equipment and make sure its connection with the test equipment is stable. According to the conditions set in the test programme, expose the PCBA to the corresponding environment.

4、Run the aging test: according to the time set in the test programme, run the aging test. During the period, monitor the PCBA’s electrical parameters and performance changes, such as voltage, current, frequency, resistance, etc.. Test equipment can be used for real-time monitoring or regular sampling.

5、Verify aging test results: After the aging test is completed, conduct functional and performance tests on the PCBA to verify its reliability and stability under aging conditions. This can include verifying functional modules, communication interfaces, input and output ports, etc.

6、Record and Report: Record the results of the aging test and generate the corresponding test report. This helps with quality control and traceability, as well as subsequent product maintenance and improvement.

PCBA aging test is an important part to ensure that PCBA can maintain stability and reliability in long-term use, it can find potential aging problems and take timely measures to repair and improve.

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