Medical hearing test instrument pcb manufacturing to 2023

Medical hearing test instrument circuit board manufacturing to 2023

Hearing test instrument for the medically impairedNew design 5.7″ high brightness displayEnglish operating interfacePortable audiometer circuit board manufacturing
Medical health equipment case:
1, name: portable audiometer;
2, appearance: a new generation of superior design, full-featured audiometer, lightweight, ergonomic design, flexible setting of a number of functions, easy to operate.
3、Display: 5.7 inch high resolution colour integrated colour LCD high brightness display, can intuitively display sound intensity, frequency, transducer, test signal type, audiogram.
4、Operating interface: English operating interface, can intuitively display the test process, pure tone test results can be set into left and right ear or monaural format, speech test results can be set into the format of icons or tables
5. Sound intensity knob: The sound intensity adjustment knob is quick and comfortable and can be easily operated with one hand.
6、Sound intensity and test frequency change automatically, convenient for doctors to operate and save testing time
7、Frequency point: the frequency point of air conduction and bone conduction test can be freely selected.
8、Automatic calculation of the mean auditory threshold (PTA): the test frequency can also be freely selected.
9、Indicator: Each function key is equipped with an indicator light to ensure error-free operation.
10、Equipped with dialogue microphone, the operator and the patient can communicate during the test.
11、Built-in speaker, fast switching, free setting of sound intensity.
12、Special functions: channel switching, tracking, interlocking, tracking & interlocking etc. make the operation more convenient.
13、Database: integrated patient database, can store a large amount of patient information and test results, can store >1000 patient test results.
14、Storage of test results: can be stored as PDF files, or directly on SD card or U disk, or data can be transferred to PC for storage via MAICO Database, compatible with NOAH software.
15、Printing: can be connected directly to a printer or network printer for printing.

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