Italian Customers Visit Tortai

Italian customers visited Tortai to see the production process of the new project, and suggested to us that we need to pay attention to the key issues in production!

Firstly, special attention should be paid to the key aspects of production, such as raw material purchasing, processing and quality control, to ensure that each aspect meets the quality requirements. In addition, focus on staff training and skills upgrading, to ensure that they are able to operate the equipment and respond to emergencies. Keep communication with customers open and provide timely feedback on production progress and problems so that timely adjustments and solutions can be made. To pay attention to the cleanliness and safety of the production site, to ensure that the working environment of employees meets the relevant standards. This meeting will also lay a good foundation for future co-operation so that both parties can work more closely together and achieve mutual success. We sincerely welcome the arrival of our Italian customers and look forward to discussing with them how to overcome the difficulties in the project together and achieve a win-win situation of cooperation.








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