Health First-TORTAI Organizes Staff Health Check-Ups

TORTAI, which specialises in electronic assembly and manufacturing services that enhance high reliability, believes that the health of its employees is a prerequisite for excellent product quality and organised an employee health check on 29 April 2023 with good results.Healthy body,It is the foundation for us to meet the challenges of our work.More enjoy,The first prerequisite for a good life.Healthy body,It is the foundation for us to meet the challenges of our work.More enjoy,The first prerequisite for a good life.

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With the continuous improvement of the company’s welfare system, adhering to the humanistic care, enhance the health awareness and physical quality of employees, for employees to hold up a healthy life “umbrella”. April 29, the company 2023 annual employee health examination work started, for the majority of employees to build health barriers.

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According to the actual situation of the company, the administration department formulated a detailed physical examination plan, and made detailed arrangements for the determination of physical examination items and time as well as the organization and coordination of personnel, so as to achieve both work and physical examination.

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Under the guidance of the medical staff, the company staff completed all the examinations in an orderly manner according to the order of physical examination items.

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Care for employees, health first. The physical examination items from physical testing, laboratory inspection to instrument inspection, covering a complete range of items, to help employees better understand their own comprehensive situation.

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After the physical examination, the results of the physical examination will be timely fed back to the employees and health guidance will be given to the employees, so as to ensure the maximum health of the employees, understand the current physical condition, and timely discover the factors and bad habits affecting their health. So that employees can do a good job of health care and prevention according to their physical examination results and health status, early prevention, early diagnosis, early treatment, disease in the bud, build a strong health line.

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All the time, Hong Kong Tortai Technology Co., Ltd. has been taking practical actions to make employees feel warm. Ensure that every employee can be full of vitality, healthy body and positive attitude into the production and operation, further enhance the company’s centripetal force and cohesion, so that employees can better with the mission of masters into the big family of Hong Kong Tortai Technology Co., LTD., more effectively promote the harmonious, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.


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