Factors to consider for PCBA design and manufacturing of power wheelchairs?

The Electric Wheelchair PCBA is the core component of the electric wheelchair, which carries the control system, power management system, motor drive system and other key functions of the electric wheelchair. An electric wheelchair is a device that helps people with limited mobility to move, and it uses an electric drive system to promote the movement of the wheelchair.

Electric wheelchair PCBA2

一, the relevant parameters, operating environment and other technical data of the equipment are as follows:

1.Parameters of electric wheelchair:

– Maximum load: usually between 100 kg and 150 kg.

– Maximum speed: usually between 6 km/h and 10 km/h.

– Maximum driving range: usually between 20km and 30km.

Charging time: Usually takes 6 to 8 hours.

– Battery type: Usually use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries.

2.Running environment:

– Ground conditions: Electric wheelchairs are suitable for flat indoor and outdoor surfaces.

– Temperature range: usually between 0°C and 40°C.

– Humidity range: Usually between 20% and 80%.

Electric wheelchair PCBA1

二, the design and manufacture of electric wheelchair circuit boards need to consider the following characteristics:

Versatility: The electric wheelchair circuit board needs to integrate a variety of functional modules, such as motor drive module, battery management module, control system module, etc., to achieve the functions of the electric wheelchair.

Stability and reliability: The electric wheelchair circuit board needs to have stable performance and reliable working status to ensure the safe operation of the electric wheelchair. For key components and circuit connections, reasonable design and selection are needed to improve the stability and reliability of the circuit board.

Low power and high performance: The electric wheelchair circuit board needs to have the characteristics of low power and high performance to extend the battery life and improve the driving range of the electric wheelchair. In circuit design and component selection, it is necessary to consider the balance between power consumption and performance.

Size and layout: The size and layout of the electric wheelchair circuit board needs to accommodate the structural and space limitations of the electric wheelchair. When designing the circuit board, it is necessary to reasonably plan the position and connection mode of each functional module to ensure the compactness and maintainability of the circuit board.

Electric wheelchair PCBA4

三, the production process of electric wheelchair PCBA needs to pay attention to the following points:

PCB design: When designing PCBA for electric wheelchair, you need to consider the size, layout and level of the circuit board. Try to isolate key circuits and signal lines from noise sources to avoid interference and crosstalk.

Component selection: Select components that meet the requirements, such as motor driver chips, battery management chips, sensors, etc. Pay attention to the quality and stability of the components to ensure the reliability and safety of the electric wheelchair.

Welding process: In the welding process of electric wheelchair PCBA, it is necessary to pay attention to welding temperature, time and welding quality. Proper welding process can ensure the reliability of the solder joints and the stability of the circuit board.

Circuit protection: electric wheelchair PCBA needs to consider over-current protection, over-voltage protection, low voltage protection and other functions to protect the safe operation of the circuit board and electric wheelchair.

Testing and quality control: PCBA requires rigorous testing in the production process, including functional testing, performance testing, reliability testing, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a quality control system to ensure that the quality of products meets the standards and requirements.

四, the PCBA test of electric wheelchair mainly includes the following aspects:

Circuit connectivity test: test whether the connection between each component on the circuit board is normal, including solder joint quality, line connectivity, etc.

Functional test: Test whether the functions of the electric wheelchair PCBA are normal, such as motor drive, battery management, control system, etc.

Performance test: Test the performance indicators of the electric wheelchair PCBA, such as maximum speed, maximum mileage, carrying capacity, etc.

Reliability test: Test the reliability of the PCBA in long-term use and various environmental conditions, including vibration test, temperature cycle test, humidity test, etc.

An electric wheelchair is a device that helps people with mobility problems move through an electric drive system. In the production of electric wheelchair PCBA, it is necessary to pay attention to PCB design, component selection, welding process, circuit protection, testing and quality control to ensure the performance and reliability of electric wheelchair. At the same time, the test of the circuit board should include connectivity test, functional test, performance test and reliability test.


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