Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)for SMT

(AOI ) Automatic Optical Inspection is an advanced technological device mainly used for quality inspection of circuit boards and assemblies in the electronics manufacturing industry. It can quickly and accurately detect defects, errors and anomalies on circuit boards by using optical technology and image processing algorithms.

Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)for SMT

1、Defect detection: able to detect defects on circuit boards, such as soldering problems, missing components, short circuits, open circuits, etc., in order to ensure the quality and reliability of circuit boards.

2、Component Position Detection: able to detect the position and orientation of components on the circuit board to ensure the correct installation and positioning of components.

3、Welding quality detection: able to detect the welding quality, such as poor welding, welding short circuit, etc., to ensure the reliability and stability of the welding connection.

4、Printing quality inspection: able to detect the printing quality on the printed circuit board, such as printing position, printing offset, etc., to ensure the accuracy and integrity of printing.

5、Data analysis and recording: able to record and store the results and statistics of each inspection for subsequent analysis and traceability.

By automating the optical inspection process, AOI is able to quickly and accurately detect quality problems on circuit boards and assemblies, improving production efficiency, reducing labour costs and ensuring product quality and reliability.

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