DIP Insert AOI Inspection is a method of inspecting the quality of DIP Inserts using an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.DIP Inserts are a commonly used form of electronic component packaging, and DIP Insert AOI Inspection can be used to achieve the correctness and quality of the DIP Inserts on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB).


The DIP insert AOI inspection system usually consists of a conveyor system, a camera, and a light source. the DIP insert on the PCB is moved through the conveyor system into the field of view of the camera, which captures a high-resolution image of the DIP insert. These images are processed and analysed, and using advanced image processing algorithms and template matching technology, defects in the DIP inserts can be detected, such as missing, misaligned, incorrect polarity, bent or damaged pins, soldering issues, etc.

The DIP plug-in AOI inspection system can compare with CAD data or predefined reference images to identify any defects or anomalies. When defects are detected, the system can trigger alarms, flag faulty inserts, or even automatically reject the entire PCB.

Overall, DIP insert AOI inspection is an important tool in the electronics manufacturing industry, helping to ensure the quality and reliability of DIP inserts in PCB assembly.

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