2024 EIMS Shenzhen International Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Successfully Concluded!

Shenzhen International Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition (EIMS) is a one-stop professional exhibition focusing on the production and procurement of finished electronic products in ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, covering the display of electronic components, PCBA/EMS foundry, new energy manufacturing supply chain, electronic assembly & test equipment and other fields, for the production of smart phones, tablets, electronic devices, electronic devices, electronic devices, electronic devices, and electronic devices. Photovoltaic, energy storage, charging pile, new energy vehicles, TWS wireless headphones, smart speakers, smart wearable, smart home appliances, drones, smart travel, mobile power, fascia gun and other electronic products factory, providing production and manufacturing one-stop solution.




It focuses on more than 30 high-quality PCBA processing plants in the electronics manufacturing sector, among which Tortai Technologies Co., Ltd. In its ranks, in the PCBA processing industry has always had a good reputation, its high reliable product quality and high-quality service in the field has a unanimous praise, can provide one-stop PCBA processing services for medical, new energy, automotive electronics, security, communications, industrial control and other fields, and can also provide ODM services, so that your products to achieve from zero to one. The exhibition also held a PCBA& electronic components procurement matchmaking meeting at the same time, helping exhibitors and enterprises to accurately connect order opportunities from procurement enterprises in different industries.




This exhibition provides our exhibitors with a good platform to communicate face to face with enterprises in different industries. Through this exhibition, we have a deeper understanding of customers’ needs and pain points, so that we can better serve customers, and also like a mirror, let us realize our own shortcomings in software and hardware in this industry. These are of great significance to our exhibitors.








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