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What is the circuit board workflow

2020-12-24 9:30:08  

1. Circuit board planning.It is mainly to plan the physical size of PCB board, packaging form of components, installation mode of components, and layer structure (i.e. the choice of single-layer board, double-layer board and multi-layer board).

2. Setting of work parameters.It mainly refers to the setting of working environment parameters and working layer parameters.Setting PCB environment parameters correctly and reasonably can bring great convenience to PCB design and improve work efficiency.

3. Component layout and adjustment.This is a relatively important work in PCB design, which directly affects the wiring behind and the segmentation of the inner electrical layer, so it needs to be treated carefully.After the current work is completed, the network table can be imported into the PCB, or the schematic diagram can be directly imported into the network table by updating the PCB.

Proteldxp software can be used to provide automatic layout, but the effect of automatic layout is often not ideal. Manual layout should be adopted, especially for complex circuits and components with special requirements.

4. Wiring rules setting.Mainly is to set up the circuit wiring of various specifications, wire line width and the distance between parallel lines, conductor and the safety distance between welding plate and a hole size, and so on, no matter what wiring way, wiring rules is an essential step, good circuit board walk line wiring rules can guarantee security, and conform to the requirements of the production process, cost savings.

5. Wiring and adjustment.The system provides automatic wiring, but it often fails to meet the requirements of designers. In practical applications, designers often rely on manual wiring, or part of automatic wiring combined with manual interactive wiring to complete the wiring work.

Paying special attention to the layout and wiring and PCB circuit boards have the characteristics of the electric layers, although the layout and wiring has successively, but often in the design engineering according to the wiring and electrical layer segmentation need to adjust the layout of the circuit board, or according to the layout adjustment of wiring, between them is a mutual consideration and adjustment process.