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User Interface Assemblies

Tortai is a leading Company specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom Human Machine Interface (HMI) Products. Tortai has been operating for 10 years, with local and international partners. During of company activity, Tortai has develops and produced hundreds of thousands of display devices for a wide variety of products and industries. From Membrane switch keypad  and Silicone rubber to Control bezel panel  and Interfaces assemblies. Tortai is your able and trusted partner to design and manufacture your next or upgrade your current Human Machine Interface assembly (HMI).

A complete assembly from Tortai in many applications. We take responsibility for the entire project and save you development time and cost.  You get a fully documented design that simplifies your operation, and you purchase one part number from one supplier instead of several; with consequent savings in purchasing, administration, logistics, manufacturing costs, and inventory management.


Turnkey user Interface Assemblies is where we can combine two or more aspects of your design into the product that we deliver. This allows us to give our customers higher level assemblies which reduces their own labor and inventory carrying costs. Tortai can design and procure all of the components or build to a customer's BOM. In many instances customers supply some of the components for us to assemble and deliver these complete user interface assemblies. Complete turnkey user interface assemblies with some or all of the following components.

  • Printed Circuit Boards

  • Membrane Keypad Switches 

  • Silicone Rubber Keypads15367454839312302.jpg

  • Cable Assemblies

  • Metal Parts

  • Plastic Housings

  • Connectors

  • LCD/Touch Screen Integration

  • High Tech Light Guide Films

  • Embedded Software and Firmware