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Supply Chain Management

The strong Supply Chain is based on the Chinese Manufacturing Industry
Today’s competitive global marketplace demands that OEMs have the right product available at the right time, or risk losing market share to more nimble competitors. Higher inventory turns, shorter product life cycles, and expectations for increased agility are just some of the factors that make a flexible and scalable integrated supply chain a critical part of their success.

At Tortai, our supply chain management system is an integral part of our cost competitiveadvantage. The combination of people, processes, and software creates a highly responsive system that captures changing customer demand on a daily basis and distills it through multi-level, complex Bills of Material down to each discrete component, sub-assembly, and top level assembly. We recognize that our customers’ demand cycles require scale-ability in both directions, and our vertically integrated supply chain is equipped to handle them. Our ability to accelerate the material and capacity pipeline is equally matched by our ability to slam the brakes when required, minimizing financial exposure.

In addition to providing PCB Assembly and Interface Assemblies, Tortai also helps customers develop and customize parts. These include plastic parts, silicone buttons and hardware parts. We provide one-stop processing services to global customers and help customers solve supply chain problems and reduce procurement costs. These partners have been our partners for more than 10 years and share the same quality awareness and business philosophy. In addition, these partners are all within a radius of 150 Km, and the longest journey is no more than 2 hours, which provides strong support for our quick response and efficiency of problem solving.

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypads & Assemblies
Tortai provides membrane keypads and rubber keypads as an integrated part of a total solution. On the other hand, Tortai can help you designs and produces silicone rubber keypads as single part of a complete package . 
Wide hardness range from 10 to 80 Shore is no problem for us ,at the same time ,we can offer you the parts with the different hardness and different colors. In order to prevent corrosion of chemical, oil and solvent resistance, we will spray the PU or finish an epoxy top, all these measure will ensure the rubber keypads stability over a wide temperature range and excellent weatherability when outdoor.

Silicone rubber keypad manufacturing capabilities include:

• Domestic and off-shore rubber keypad prototypes

• Order size flexibility from one piece to 1000+

• Fully custom complete silicone rubber keypad assemblies

• Carbon impregnated silicone

• Conductive contacts

• Gold plated rigid PCB

• Gold plated copper flex PCB

• Carbon coated silver flex PCB

• Screen printing

• Laser etching

• Rubber keypad backlighting

• Engineering support to realize your switch technology

Tortai is a full-service custom rubber keypad manufacturer so you can source your keypad from the PCB through the final overlay.

Injection Molded Plastics
Tortai is a custom manufacturer of injection molded plastic materials and thermoplastic molding used in a variety of applications within various markets and industries.Injection Molded Plastics at Tortai we understand that the tooling cost is many times the barrier to getting a new project off the ground so we share the cost with our customers in order to demonstrate our willingness to move forward.


Our Plastic Capabilities Include:

  • Over Molding

  • Insert and Multi-shot Injection Molding

  • Designing

  • Assembly

  • Heat Staking

  • Hot Stamping

  • Pad Printing

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Spraying and coating

Various Plastic Materials Include:

  • PA (Nylon)

  • ABS

  • PP

  • PE

  • PPO

  • Polyester

  • PC and Acrylic

Metal Products Services

Tortai can offer sheet metal designing, cutting, punching, bending, forming, welding, polishing, powder coating, printing and assembly service. Typical products include: metal enclosures, stainless steel products, OEM sheet metal parts.

Custom Metal Fabrication
Any design, any geometry: no limitations. We customize your part to meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations. CNC-programmable fabrication makes revision and customization fast and simple, with laser cuts and welds requiring minimal finishing.

Precision Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication for even the tightest tolerances. Rapid CNC stamping and laser cutting and press brake forming ensure absolute accuracy and consistency, for sheet metal of any gauge.