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Power & Energy

We are into the renewable energy sector and provide design and manufacturing services for electronics involved in renewable energy generation and control. We partner with our customers right from the requirement definition to the final output.“Going Green” is a daily discussion both in business and at leisure, whether it’s recycling of our waste or finding new ways to become ever efficient in our working lives. TORTAI are seeing this sector as an exciting opportunity following success across the design through to full electronics manufacturing.


As global OEM’s continue to develop complex, dependable and cost effective products, it is clear that the services offered by TORTAI are key for our customers to launch and capture successful share of market sales. Having the vast skills of manufacturing and supply chain solutions in PCB assembly, PCBs and Contract Electronic Manufacturing, aiding our global customers’ in their own growth strategies, we anticipate growth in tidal generators, solar, natural and liquid gas, LED lighting, wind turbines and energy metering.

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