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PCB layout setting skills

2020-12-29 15:05:34  

PCB proofing, as a component of high precision electronic products, has been a very common existence in our life.However, it is known to all that professional PCB proofing design in China requires different point Settings in different stages, and large grid points are also used for device layout in the layout stage.Let's take a look at the details of PCB layout setup techniques.

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In PCB proofing to analysis in the design of the layout of the circuit board unit, according to the function layout design, layout of all components of the circuit, to comply with the following principles: according to the process of the circuit arrangement of each functional circuit unit, to facilitate signal flow, layout and make the signal as much as possible to maintain consistent direction.Take the core components of each functional unit as the center and layout around it.The original parts should be arranged uniformly, integrally and compactly on THE PCB proofing to minimize and shorten the lead and connection between the components.


Above is the PCB proofing layout setting skills.When we have a basic understanding of PCB layout setting, we can use it better, and we can know how to check the problem when it has problems, and even solve minor problems by ourselves, so that we don't have to send it to the repair shop for repair.