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PCB Assembly

With over 10 years of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions, Tortai technologies is your manufacturing source. Tortai technologies is an mirco Contract Electronic Manufacturer (CEM) offering a complete range of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). We specialize in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and Final OEM product high-mix build. 

We offer a full spectrum of assembly services and support that include: Engineering Support, Design For Manufacturability (DFM), Prototype and Quick-turn Assemblies, SMD fine-pitch BGA,  X-Ray Testing,  Testing (functional and in-circuit) Development, Medium & Low Volume Production, PCB Circuit Assemblies, Full Product Build, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Solutions, Lead-free/ROHS assemblies and conversion support,  Project Managing, Turnkey, Consignment Options.  Our objective is long term symbiotic relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.


Our PCB assembly services customer base covers fast growing leading OEM in

  • Medical Fields

  • Industrial Equipments

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • Military & Aerospace

  • Energy & Power

  • Instruments

  • Financial Field

  • Automotive & Transportation

  • Automation

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • IoT (Internet of Things) Platform Electronics


Tortai focuses on the needs of markets that require a complete range of PCB turnkey manufacturing services with a low to medium volume requirements. Reasons for choosing PCB Assembly services from Tortai:

  • We offer all types of assembly technologies

  • We are able to mount parts of all standard sizes (01005 to 45 mm x 45 mm – BGA, μBGA, Flip Chips, CSP,

    Connectors – Long Connectors 100 mm)

  • We also offer manual assembly and wave soldering

  • We undertake production in small or large volumes as well

  • Our defective fraction is lower than 0, 15 %

  • Our special mounting solutions include: programming, varnish cover, coating, draining, labelling

  • We undertake the development of printed circuits and the production of prototypes as well

  • We produce the smaller plastic parts in our own factory via plastic injection moulding

  • Numerous testing methods are available

  • We conduct the purchasing of parts, quality assurance, packaging, logistics

  • Our products are available on favourable prices

  • Cost-minimizing solutions

  • Flexible and fast delivery

PCB Assembly Services and Technologies:

  • SMT Assembly (Surface Mount Technology)

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • BGA Assembly (Ball Grid Array)

  • Cable Assembly

  • Axial Horizontal Assembly

  • Turnkey Assembly

  • Radial Vertical Assembly

  • Box-Build Assembly

  • Lead free soldering

  • Printing

  • N2 System

  • Varnishing

  • Testing

  • Packaging

PCBA assembly.jpg

Necessary documents and information for assembly:

  • BOM list

  • Gerber File

Quality and Testing:

Our employees are continuously taking part in training courses to ensure that the highest levels of competency are maintained., Our company’s operations are governed by adherence to a strict quality assurance and management policy. Our machines are serviced and maintained regularly. In addition, our machines and systems are continuously modernized and improved. TORTAI tests every product separately. Furthermore, we cooperatively agree on the testing procedures and processes with each individual client to ensure maximum satisfaction.


Our testing technologies range:

  • Visual control

  • AOI automatic optical control equipment

  • IC-T test

  • FC-T function test

  • X-Ray control