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Financial Field

As a presence in the financial equipment manufacturing, TORTAI constantly provides innovative manufacturing expertise to its Financial sector customers. Having a keen understanding of the challenges and complexities that our customers face enables us to implement strategic and technical competencies. TORTAI leads the development of rapid design, prototyping, and manufacturing strategies for its customers. TORTAI’s experience with hundreds of financial products such as: ATM,POS, RF card reader,etc.

TORTAI has a keen understanding of the unique challenges that companies in this marketplace face and offers valuable solutions that factor in time-to-market, cost optimization, cash conservation, and scalability. Our goal is to empower our customers to realize their full market potential.

Creating a business model focused on providing customer value, TORTAI has emerged as one of the best EMS providers for complex, technologically advanced financial services. With a solid portfolio of technical capabilities, Value-Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) services, MADE IN CHINA manufacturing support and vertically integrated operations, we deliver the lowest total costs with superior customer service—our talented engineering teams with their strong experience work with advanced technologies giving our customers the ability to evolve past their competition in product innovation.