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Factory Tour

How To Define "A" level China OEM/ODM PCBA Factory.The most important aspect is PCB Assembly workshop. Here you can see standard room of PCBA workshop to control temperature, humidity; dust-free plant for 2000m² with 2 SMT lines 、3 assembly line and DIP line;  fully integrated manufacturing facility include  screen printer、SMT machines、X-Ray、AOI、Reflow equipment etc.

All SMT equipments in Tortai are automatic and originate from Japan with high capacity.It can reach to high precision such as 0201component,BGA,FLASH...

SMT WorkshopX - ray Inspection

AOI(Automated Optical Inspection)Raw Material Warehouse

Reflow OvenUV Spraying Production line

FAI.jpgassembly line.jpg
FAI(First Article Inspection)Assembly line

Program BurnFunctional Testing

Aging TestOffice