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Components Sourcing

Giving you a cost-competitive supply chain advantage

In addition to the world-class supply chain management systems supporting our manufacturing business, Tortai offers a standalone material procurement service. Typically between 50%-80% of the cost of a product is material and lead lead-times of between 12-20 weeks are not uncommon.

Our material procurement service takes the strain out of component shortage issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your supply chain. We have significant experience in the international sourcing market to keep our customers can be sure of achieving a distinct competitive advantage in material procurement. 

All of our procurement staff are going through rigorous training, and have long-term practical experience. So we can finish the purchasing task quicly for various lot-sizing. The important is our material dept. always get the latest information from the international market online. In this way, we can reduce purchasing time, provide the final project in a short time.

Tortai can provide small-batch components and various IC samples without MOQ restrictions. We are close to ShenZhen commercial circle where is the largest distribution center for electronic components in China.This will help us to find the required components in the shortest time with high quality and competitive price.

We choose the brand and channels of electronic components: